Amazing, Fantastic, Incredible! Stan Lee Wants You to Win a Superhero in Your Likeness

Stan Lee

There’s a new superhero in town–and it could be YOU!


To celebrate the release of Stan Lee’s new graphic memoir Amazing Fantastic Incredible, Glommable is offering one lucky fan the chance to win a one-of-a-kind, totally AMAZING FANTASTIC INCREDIBLE prize: An original, hand-drawn, and colored print drawn by Colleen Doran of your likeness as a Stan Lee superhero, complete with your origin story, and signed by the legendary Stan Lee too. You want to fly? Sure. You want to be invisible? Check. You want to warg into an electric blue combat boot-wearing unicorn and fight the aliens who are currently waging an attack on Australia? (Hey, we don’t know what you’re into.) Done and DONE. Our grand prize winner will also receive a deluxe edition of Amazing Fantastic Incredible complete with Stan’s autograph and a silver foil slipcase featuring original artwork by Todd McFarlane of “Spawn” fame, plus a limited edition poster featuring original art.

Three first prize winners will receive a signed deluxe edition and a limited edition poster, and 50 runner-ups will win a limited edition poster.

All you have to do to enter for a chance to become a superhero is PRE-ORDER your copy of Amazing Fantastic Incredible in hardcover or eBook today (go ahead, we’ll wait!) and pop your info into the form below. You must be 18+ and a US resident, one entry per order only. (Read more of the fine print below, including no purchase necessary alternate method of entry.***)

***The fine print: ALL required fields must be completed before entry can be submitted! One entry per person or your entry could be disqualified. Book pre-order receipt number or order confirmation number required for online entry. Only one entry per individual, unique book pre-order. If ordering multiple copies, each book must be on a separate order with a unique receipt or order confirmation number. Entrants must be residents of the US and 18+. See official rules for details and restrictions. No purchase necessary: for alternate entry methods, click here.

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  1. Aaron D'Errico

    Man, it would be a dream come true to be turned into a superhero by Stan “The Man” Lee, especially after Stan encouraged me to achieve “Great things”, shown in a Stan Lee Foundation Artist Of The Week feature, recently.

    Stan’s altruistic example showed me the power of paying it forward. Because of that I strive to live up to Stan’s words by turning challenges into triumphs in ways that help and inspire others too, as chronicled in The United Cerebral Palsy national newsletter, as well as on NPR Seattle KPLU, USA Today Sports, Talenthouse Success Stories, the Draw Attention To Cerebral Palsy art challenge and my website.'errico-illustrator-storyteller-and-survivor

    Thank you, Stan, Simon & Schuster and Glommable for the opportunity!

    With gratitude,

    Aaron D’Errico

  2. Xander

    If anyone else picked up the book I have a question if you got the poster. I picked a copy of the book at books a million since they have it on discount. I got a poster in it and it looks identical to the one in the picture but there is no autograph in sight or anything that this article mentions except the poster. Weird…

  3. Xander

    But what’s also weird is that I didn’t even have to pre-order the book. All I had to do is go to books a million get the book for $10.00 and just discover instead of a poster that I will forget about in 2 weeks I have a rare,never be made again poster! yay.

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