This Author Just *Went Off* On The Cut‘s ‘Is Gymnastics Worse Than The NFL?’ Feature

by  | July 26

This morning, New York Magazine’s The Cut published an article with the laughably irresponsible headline: “Is Watching Gymnastics Worse Than Being an NFL Fan?” Subtitle: “The ethics of consuming “the most dramatically feminine sport.”” The author muses on feeling conflicted about the history of physical and emotional abuse in the sport, the toll the sport takes on women’s bodies, and its traditionally feminine styling. The article is littered with close-ups of gymnasts’ bodies—mainly their crotches—accompanied by their ages. Knowing how these things work, I am aware that it is entirely possible, even probable, that the author of this piece did not write the headline nor choose the photos. But whether or not the author is at fault for those particular problems, the article itself raises concerns.

Enter Dvora Meyers, journalist and author of the just-released End of the Perfect 10: The Making and Breaking of Gymnastic’s Top Score—From Nadia to Now. She took to Twitter to express her frustration with the article—and she did not hold back.

Weigh in gymnastics fans: where do you stand?