Help Us Choose The Paperback Cover Of Kathleen Grissom’s Glory Over Everything!


If wisdom means knowing when to ask for help, just call us the Buddha.

We are absolutely thrilled to be bringing Kathleen Grissom’s latest bestselling novel, Glory Over Everything to you guys in paperback. It’s the format in which book clubs flocked to her first blockbuster, The Kitchen House, and to be completely honest, it’s our preferred reading format. (“Too many hardcovers,” is what I will tell my chiropractor someday.)

But we—Kathleen’s publisher, editor, marketing team, publicists, salespeople, and even Kathleen herself—are torn between these two gorgeous covers for the paperback format. And since the most important people to Kathleen Grissom are, bar none, her readers, we realized that there is no one better to make this decision than you guys.

Just in case you haven’t yet read Glory Over Everything (waiting for the paperback, I get it), here’s the novel’s story before you cast your vote:

The year is 1830 and Jamie Pyke is keeping a deadly secret. While passing as a wealthy white aristocrat in Philadelphian society, Jamie is actually a runaway slave, hiding in plain sight, still hunted. But his carefully constructed world begins to come apart when Jamie’s beloved young servant, Pan, whom he has sworn to protect, is kidnapped and sold into slavery in the South. 

Tracing Pan to a North Carolina plantation, Jamie risks everything to save him from the life he himself barely escaped as a boy.  Fortunately, a fearless slave, Sukey, has been mothering the terrified young boy, planning to get him out on the Underground Railroad. As the ruthless slave hunters close in, the three make a run for freedom through the Virginia Backwoods and the treacherous Great Dismal Swamp, where they are faced with another desperate choice.  

This is a **very important decision** and we really appreciate you taking the time to vote. We would also love it if you would pass this post along to family, friends, and especially fans of The Kitchen House and Glory Over Everything, so we can cast as wide a net as possible on this. Voting closes Monday, October 17, 2016 at 11:59 pm EST.

Now, without further ado, click the green checkmark followed by the “Vote” button to make your selection. Thanks again!

Voting is now closed. Thanks to everyone who voted!


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  1. kathy tompkins

    in keeping with the books, I think this cover stands out . the bird is lovely but the woman and little boy, touched me.

  2. Eileen Rivki

    The butterfly cover overpowers the theme and besides it’s not a signature.

    The cover I chose signifies that it’s your work; it’s recognizable.

    I can’t wait to read it!!!

  3. Kathleen Mougey

    Thank you for caring about what the readers think. Our book club has not read this book but loved Kitchen House and will read this also. The cover I chose tells the story. We would love to have you join us to tell us more about your thoughts on the book. We are excited to have the author Katherine Clark join us in November for the Head Masters Darling’s. We are an awesome group.

  4. Chris

    I love the cover of the mother and son. That is the bond I remember and needs to carry though. But it is too busy so remove the bayou photo and the red bar with best seller info. Extend the color of the aged paper to these two areas and you are set! ~CP

  5. Robin Waxman

    The book cover on the right with the bird has much richer looking colors, making it more soothing to the eyes. The information is clearer and it stands out much better.
    Good Luck!

  6. William Simmons

    Looks like your fans like both covers, too. My wife and I had initial votes that conflicted. I went with the picture of the blacks working in the field because it told me more about the story. It also included two pieces of info- your first book title and the fact that is award winning. We loved your new book… I hope you sell millions of it in paperback. We’ll encourage our book clubs to buy it. Thanks for including us!

  7. linda chandler

    I waited for what felt like an eternity for this book. It was worth the wait!!
    Thank you for once again delivering a memorable, life changing story……

  8. Shirley R

    The cover with the black mother and child is powerful and invites us to delve further into the book immediately; the other cover is bland and does not catch your eye or even represent what the book is about; it could easily be overlooked. For some reason, I really like robin as part of the artwork; maybe because it represents Spring, a harbinger of renewal and hope.

  9. Carol Rosenbaum

    I think the cover I chose says everything about the book, which I loved! I couldn’t put it down. I could hardly wait to read it after reading “The Kitchen House”. Keep them coming! Best Books I have read in a long time and can’t find anything like it since!

  10. Sharon Woolsey

    With regards to voting for the paperback cover for “Glory Over Everything”, I’m writing to let you know that I was instantly drawn to and mesmerized by the real mother/child and the artistic robin cover, and voted for same. It made me long to pick up the book and read it immediately. I don’t mean to be rude or disrespectful, but the other cover is nondescript and the large bird looks like a parakeet. Its dullness gives me the impression that the toner ran out of ink. It could even be used as birthday wrapping paper. The Kitchen House was an amazing book that I recommended to friends, but if you use the sun-faded looking cover on the upcoming paperback, I will likely not even notice it among the many, many other books that I peruse and purchase at Costco. A book cover needs to “grab” or “reach out” to the reader. The Black mother/child cover instantly knocks me to my knees with emotion before I even open the cover. As a mulatto, I am obsessed with the horrors of slavery which is so much deeper than a pretty cover of birds. And while the bird cover is indeed beautiful…… to me, it appears that it belongs on a bird identifier manual. I will read the book no matter what cover is selected , but I’m hoping to buy it if it has the Mother/Child cover. If the bird cover is chosen, I will most likely check the book out of the library. Thank you for the opportunity to vote and air my views.

  11. Heather Grayson

    I often choose a book by its cover and this cover tells a story that sparks my interest. I also like that this cover is also recognizable as a Kathleen Grissom novel! Love it!

  12. Joyce

    Kathleen – I bought the hard cover because I couldn’t wait to read it — I love it! And hope that there will be more about Jamie in the future – THANK YOU!

  13. Kathy D.

    I choose the cover with the Mother and Son and the swamp……….. Loved both books and I agree that the second book should have a cover that continues the story on it and is recognizable as such. Can’t wait to read your next book Kathleen !!
    Kathy D.

  14. Vonnie

    I definitely like the mother/child cover. It would draw my attention even before I would see your name as the author.. Of course, once I saw your name, it’d be a definite addition to my book collection.

  15. Jillie Hansford

    I chose the cover of woman & child because it is more in keeping with this ongoing story. I have purchased & read both! I would say these are my absolute favourite books in my collection. And, this is the cover that would definitely draw me to purchase it.

    I also seem to recall that Author, Kathleen Grissom, made promise of an autographed bookplate at time of purchase of ‘Glory…..’. Unfortunately, I did not receive one. Can someone look into that for me? I would love to have it.

    Thank you

    Jillie H.

  16. Gail kowalski

    I think the one I chose with the boy and the woman plus the landscape of the south really tells more of what the book is about. I have read it and found it riveting. Gail kowalski

  17. Jennifer Annan House

    Loved The Kitchen House and will be choosing Glory Over Everything for my next book club choice (unless someone else beats me to it!).

    I chose the cover on the left, but I agree it is awfully busy. Perhaps less is more.

    Thank you for this opportunity. Great fun!

  18. Cher Davies

    I read this book and loved it. I much prefer the cover with the woman and the boy. It grabs your attention, and best describes the story. I love the bayou picture added in…beautiful.

  19. Najma

    “Mother and son” cover reflects the story better, serving almost like a visual summery of what is to come inside. It sets the tone of the story in there. It has a worn-out feel to it which visually emphasizes on the historical aspect of it. Whereas the color palette and imagery on the other contender cover doesn’t capture the weight of the story. It has a contemporary, almost ‘mainstream’ look to it. The orange bird across the front cover has a ‘clip art’ feel to it. I vote for the “Mother and Son” cover but I think the cobalt blue “blurb bars” running across the top and the mid section of the cover does throw the elegance off. It’s a little too stark. If those blue strips could be played down – color wise (maybe sheer off white?), and if the bird could be down sized a little, I think the cover would look great.
    Thanks for the opportunity! I love observing book covers.
    – Najma, The Bookstore Plus, Lake Placid, NY

  20. Susan Hans OConnor

    we here at the Penguin Bookshop think the big orange bird, parrot?, is striking and fresh looking — the other cover, while compelling, looks like a lot of other books. the one on the right, to us, represents hopefulness, freedom and the beginning of a journey. very eyecatching!!

  21. Annie O

    The cover on the left is “busy”… too many images that distract. The cover on the right with the orange parrot allows browsers to focus on the text/blurb. The word “textured” is also reflected in the “texture” of the artwork behind the parrot. It really is a very beautiful cover.

  22. Marcia

    I agree with all Chris – the cover design with woman and child “grabs” attention….the other is pretty but I found to be easily passed over. I also agree that there are too many bands of color running across and downwards on my cover choice. I would suggest combining that important marketing info (NY Times best-seller….author of….etc) in one color block, rather than splitting up all over cover. Thank you for letting us chime in!

  23. Karin Barker

    I LOVED this story! I think the mother and son cover is more eye-catching and depicts the story better. The other seems a little bland and generic. Thanks for the voting opportunity – much more fun than our general election!
    The Bookworm
    Edwards, CO

  24. Katheryn Mullins

    We have polled most of the staff as well as one spouse (a retired librarian born and raised in Mississippi) I would say the vote is 5 to 2 in favor of the cover on the right, with the photograph.
    “More eye-catching” “Gives a more immediate sense of what the book is about” “The other is too generic”. Those favoring “the other” seemed to feel it was more beautiful, better designed and more inviting.
    My own vote was with the majority, But trying to step in your shoes, donning my imaginary marketing hat, I have the nagging feeling that sometimes the publisher may not want to reveal too strongly what’s between the covers, preferring to beguile the potential reader with a simply lovely cover,\.

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