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If you’ve been here before, you know that we here at Glommable la la la love Grace Helbig. Remember when we took you behind-the-scenes of the cover shoot for Grace & Style? I know, that was really cool of us. Soo today, September 27th, we wanted to take the opportunity to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE! We truly hope that you’re recovering from the episode of TMZ presidential debate last night, and having the most wonderful day.

Since Grace loves her fans more than anyone, we figured she would be okay with us giving you guys some presents even though it’s, ya know, her day. 10 lucky winners are going to receive the swaggiest Grace Helbig swag bag you ever did see, including:

  • A signed copy of Grace’s Guide
  • A signed copy of Grace & Style
  • A signed Grace’s Guide poster
  • An Eat Sh*t tote bag (I use mine every day.)
  • PLUS, 3 of those 10 people will win a “Statement” necklace (The top 3 people in the list below!)

So enter below, and if you really really want to win, you can get increase your chances with bonus entries—by following @glommable on Twitter, leaving your birthday wishes for Grace on this blog post, and by sharing this contest with your friends! Good luck!

By entering, you are agreeing to receive occasional email updates from Glommable and Simon & Schuster. 

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  1. Karen Faith Octaviano

    Happy Birthday Grace! You are a wonderful human being and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and I hope you have a great day!

  2. Harshy

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE!! Hope you have a fab day and stay adorably dumb – you deserve it! Thank you for being the insanely talented, crazy inspiring human being that you are. ❤

  3. Lexxii M

    I hope you have the happiest of birthdays gracie!!! I’m sure you’ll have a blast with those 2 wonderful friends of yours! Love ya!

  4. Grace McGarry

    Happy birthday, Smellbig! From YouTube to TV to film to books to in-person hugs, you are the absolute best, and you deserve one amazing year! <3

  5. Madisyn

    Happy Birthday Grace!!!! I will continue to support all of your projects and endeavors because of all the smiles you have graced me with. Thank You Grace!

  6. Leah Altrogge

    grace had honestly changed my life, she is so funny and i really respect how she sticks to her opinions. like i have never wanted children and have never seen anyone in the media say they also dont want children, and it was great to see someone say that. I cant believe she is 31, she is a great role model to look up to and i respect that so much. such a lovely human being. happy birthday grace <3

  7. Paige

    Happy birthday to someone who continuously makes me happy! I’m so proud of how far you’ve come, and I’m so glad I’ve been able to watch you over the years.

  8. Brie Murray

    Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing, hilarious youtubers out there on the Internet, Grace!! I just want to thank you for what you do cause it can help me when I’m low or down. Watching your videos, or seeing a funny tweet or snapchat will always bring me up. I feel very blessed to find you on the internet, or should I say “graced” haha so funny you’ve probably hear that one before. Haha but seriously thank you so much for everything you do. I love you very much and again I hope you had one of the happiest birthdays ☺️❤️

  9. Ryley Bridges

    Happy Birthday to Grace Helbig, my favourite Youtuber who makes me smile constantly and brings me joy just by uploading a video.

  10. Maddi

    I can’t believe how far Grace has come since I first started watching her videos. I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do next.

  11. Shira

    I know I’m pretty late and tbh I don’t even know if the giveaway is still open, but I don’t care
    Thank you for making me the happiest person alive, making me beat my depression and anxiety disorder, and just being my “awkward big sis”. I hope your bday was as amazing as you make me feel every day. Happy Dirty Thirty (one)!

  12. Jennie M.

    Happy (belated) birthday, you lovable human! Your videos, books and podcast bring me joy in a way few other things can. I also love how much you’re encouraging people to vote this election season! Hope you had a great day!

  13. Savannah J Wilson

    Happy birthday Grace!! You are such a huge idol/role model to me, You’ve made me a better person to other people and even to myself. Hope your days are filled with as much joy as you bring me

  14. María

    HAPPY BDAY GRAAACE! A million of koala hugs and watermelon flavored kisses from the Canary Islands in Spain. Love you loots! 💕🎂

  15. Jordan Ashley

    Happy Birthday Grace, I’ve watched your videos for ever and I’ve watched you change over the years. You are my inspiration and I aspire to have even half of the amazing qualities that you have. You’re a hilarious, confident, and smart woman, and I hope that this upcoming year and every year after is filled with success and happiness!

  16. Maia J.

    happy birthday to grace helbig, who happen to be one of my favorite human beings in this whole planet!!!!

    keep on making this world a better place by doing what you do! you help so many people go through somuch and for that, thank you. <3 i hope you get everything you wish for!

  17. Frederik Rasmussen

    My wish is just to win this…😅😂I have NOT won anything before… SO PLZ 😫 PS. Love you @gracehelbig Happy birthday 👏🎁🎊🎈

  18. Kath Lopez

    Happy Birthday Graceeeee! This is late but i just want you to know that you’ve become a big part of my change, and thank you soooo so much for that. You’re of my biggest inspirations. I have changed to be better than my old self. to be more confident and to be more me. Happy happy birthday! I have loved you for several years now wtfjsjss i’ve been watching your videos since then. I love you! I hope i win this. It’s my birthday on october 19

  19. Colleen

    Happy Birthday, Grace! I think I have watched Dirty 30 at least 10 times and it just keeps getting better and better! Hope you have a wonderful day fellow South Jersey Girl!

  20. Maegan O'Brien

    Happy Birthday Grace!!! I know this is a little late but thanks for makes all your videos and caring so much about your fans!!

  21. Paola Sanchez

    Happy birthday Grace!! You’re so sweet, funny and genuine and gorgeous! You’re an inspiration to all of your fans and me as well ❤❤

  22. Esther

    Happy (belated) birthday to one of my favorite humans on this planet! GRACE, you always inspire me to be my very best, and I’m so thankful for you. ❤️

  23. Sydney Stein

    I’m very late for birthday wishes, but I love grace so much. She is hilarious and a great role model for young women. Also her podcast makes my hour and a half commute bearable. Love you grace!

  24. Kimberly

    Thank you for all that you do, your videos never fail to make me laugh and you inspire me to always be myself. It’s been a pleasure watching you over the last couple of years 💕
    Hope your day was full of farts, alcohol and joy!!

  25. Annabelle

    Kinda late to wish Grace a happy birthday here but hey… better late than never. So Happy Birthday to the best youtuber and craziest (in a good way, of course) human in the world.
    In find your videos to be the funniest and most entertaining ones.

  26. Melissa

    Happy (belated) birthday Grace!!! Thank you for always making me laugh, and CONGRATS on Dirty 30! Absolutely loved the movie, and I can’t wait for more hilarious projects from you, Mamrie, and Hannah!

  27. Josh Parker

    I’m always so late to these things I don’t know how I missed it but I’m here now. A very belated Happy Birthday to the Queen of the internet Grace Helbig. You’ve changed my life if many ways, whenever my anxiety is bad I turn to you, either to read some super wonderful excerpts from Grace’s Guide or to watch some of my favourite videos to cheer me up. It all goes to helping me get through the day, sometimes it’s the /only/ thing to get me through the day and I’ll be forever grateful for that. Thank you for being there when no one else is, and keep doing your thing because you’re excellent at it!

  28. Caroline Blakeman

    Happy birthday Grace!! Watching your videos makes me so happy. My friends and I have even decided which one of us would be you, Hannah, or Mamrie!

  29. Lucy

    Happy birthday Grace!!!!! Hope u had an AWESOME time. And although its just 1 year closer to death, its still time to celebrate. Feel good Grace!! Happy bday

  30. Jillian Shekoski

    Well.. I’m a little late to this party, but Grace is so awesome she is worth celebrating everyday! Hope you have an amazing day, today and always!

  31. Nataly

    Wow, I’m late…I’m sorry!
    But…Happy belated Birthday! I hope you had a great one!
    You’re one of the most inspiring female influencers I know. I’m a big of your humor and I find you very and very talented in this field.
    So, cheers to all that talent that is Grace Helbig and thank you for being so awesome 🙂

  32. Jayonna Dixon

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE!!I love you a lot every time I watch your videos they put me in a good mood your my inspiration and role model hope u have a fantastic and fun birthday

  33. Joselyn Gil

    Happy Barfday Grace! I admire how far you’ve gotten in life from when I first started watching you in 2013. You basically opened a whole new door of humor for me. You’re the reason why: 1) my miniature schnauzer now owns 3 pet costumes, 2) at only 19, I’ve realized how much work kids can really be, and 3) how important it is to vote and spread the word.

    In all seriousness,

  34. Anjali

    Grace, you’re one of the most beautiful, inspirational and flat out funny people to have GRACED this earth! You deserve all of the happiness and success in the world. I hope you have a wonderful day and keep smiling because don’t deserve anything less! <3

  35. Kaitlyn Hintz

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE!! I absolutely adore you and your videos, oh are an absolute inspiration! Watching your videos always brightens my day and makes me smile. You have an amazing gift and I am very glad you chose to share your talent with the world via youtube and other platforms. I think I speak for all of your fans when I say, you are freaking incredible woman! Now get drunk and party hard, ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY

  36. Brooke Sharland

    Happy (belated) Birthday Grace!! I’ve been watching your channel since my freshman year of high school, and now I’m a sophomore in college and our relationship is still going strong. Time flies, man. You are such an inspiration to me, you crack me up in all the best ways and I can’t help but smile and laugh and your videos, tweets, and more. Keep doing you, I will always be here to watch your journey continue! Thanks for everything xx

  37. Malavika

    Hey grace!happy birthday
    You are one of the most amazing youtubers and I love your videos
    You,Mamrie and Hannah are an amazing trio
    Sending you all the hugs and love from India

  38. Karishma Prakash

    Happy Birthday Grace! You are honestly an inspiration. It’s so amazing to see how far you’ve come after all these years on YouTube! Looking forward to seeing what else you have in store for us!

  39. Lívia

    Happy bday, beautiful Grace!!!! Hope yours days are always full of people falling and making fart sounds, so you can laugh as much as you make us laugh.

  40. Isma Taurus

    Happy birthday to youu
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthdaaaay dear Graaacce
    Happy birthday to you!!!!

    I hope you had a super dooper great day 🙂

  41. Shannon

    Dang, 69 comments before more, almost don’t wanna ruin it.

    Happy Belated Birthday Grace, hope it was a kick ass time for a kick ass human!

  42. Amelia

    Grace you are just so amazing and talented and absolutely hilarious! I really hope you have a great day of remembrance of your birth. You deserve it (probably)!

  43. Nadiah

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE! You are such a beautiful and sunshiny person and i love you so so much. I hope your birthday brought you as much joy as you bring me.

  44. Isabella

    Happy Belated birthday Grace! You make me so happy! Thanks for everything you’ve done. You’ve come such a long way! I’m so proud of you!

  45. Pía

    Grace I know that you have a great birthday, with your friends and having a good time, since I first started watching your videos, your channel and you have become a safe place for me, you always make me happy, you are always so funny. I love you so much and I admire you even more, you are a great human and I hope we get to meet some day!

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