Corgis + Kids + Books = Magic

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As if we needed another reason to set foot in a bookstore, one shop in California has given us some of the most adorable motivation yet: reading buddy corgis Tanner and Emma! Encouraged by seeing that kids were able to read aloud to pooches without fear of judgement, Face in a Book store owner Tina Ferguson decided to start bringing a pair of licensed therapy corgis to  to spread joy to her customers and other kids who might want to practice their reading skills on these squishable cuddle monsters.  The kids get to build their confidence and the doggies get all the snuggles–everyone wins!

Watch the video and get the full story at CBS Local Sacramento.


Wally the Welsh Corgi | Ralph the Corgi | Three Corgis

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  1. Vinky

    I bought the erntie collection of books for my kids, and also for my nephews who live in California. The kids’ ages range from 4-10 yrs. old, and all of them enjoy the books. My kids find the books to be funny and fun to read. My husband and I appreciate the creative way that the books reinforce the Armenian language and culture to our kids. Great initiative by the author to capture in story-form what we as Armenian parents have experienced during our youth. As more and more generations of American-Armenians grow farther away from our foreign-born parents’ customs and rituals, these books allow us to bring the concepts back and share the funny anecdotes with our children so that they can continue to exist in their repetoire of the Armenian culture.

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