9 Undeniable Benefits Of Physical Books Over eBooks


You have only to take a look around your next train or plane ride to note the rise of ebooks and e-readers amongst America’s bookworms. Where once there were rows of smiling consumers with heads plunged into paper books, now there are legions of Cyber Youth flinging their raw, pink digits against cold metal slabs of text.

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And so, to remind our interwebbular brethren of what they’re missing by casting aside good old fashioned tradition, here are nine benefits of reading from physical books.

  1. If you’re reading a particularly large book, you can use it to hide your face when you go spying on a friend during their wacky first date with a mysterious stranger who turns out to be your ex.
  1. Unlike an e-reader, you can slam the cover shut super loud with a huge grin on your face on a physical book just to make sure everyone around you knows that you just finished a book.
  1. You can hug a paper book when you’re sad (especially if it’s a feel-good summer novel).
  1. Physical books are the perfect gift to give to your friends on birthdays and holidays, because they can never admit they don’t like it for fear of coming off as a non-cosmopolitan.
  1. You can use a hardcover book as a weapon against people who try to bother you while you read, because it’s not lethal enough of a weapon to land you in jail! Take that, Kindle!
  1. You can stack physical books on top of other books to help you reach more books from the high shelves at Barnes & Noble, completing the Circle of Life.
  1. You can do that thing where you move the two covers like lips and have the book talk to you like it’s a little paper mouth, so that you feel less alone.
  1. You shouldn’t do this unless you absolutely have to, but technically it is a lot easier and healthier to eat a paper book instead of an eBook!
  1. The best part about physical books is that their covers let people see what you’re reading. You should try, whenever possible, to read books on the bus or the subway that show off how intelligent you are, with titles like “Advanced Mathematics for Literal Geniuses” or “History of Molecules and Politics, Vol. 3.”


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